Foss of Foss + Fern

I’m Foss.

I love plants. And my goal in life is to help you love plants too.

Plants can be transformative for a space. They create a texture and softness that can help define any area – whether that’s your living room or the lobby of a large office building. Plants, like art, are the personality of your home, your office, your shop. They are the welcome that guests are looking for. They purify the air, and they make people happy.  

Plants, just like people, have personalities and needs. And just like people, plants are looking for the right person to take care of them. I can help you find that match.  

I work with local ceramicists and vendors to source the right container for your personal style and decor.  

My studio is in my home, and sometimes my kiddos come with me to the growers markets and on plant deliveries.