Foss Curtis of Foss + Fern

Hi, I’m Foss, your local plant stylist. I’m here to help you with your plants.

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What is a houseplant consultation?

Think of it as an in-person, one-on-one, mini masterclass on plant care. You schedule a time for me to come to your home (virtually is an option as well) to help you design, care for, and troubleshoot your indoor oasis. I’ll guide you to become the plant parent you want to be!

Who is a houseplant consultation for?

  • Have a plant in distress and you need help diagnosing and troubleshooting?
  • Want a one-on-one lesson in plant care basics: watering, light, soil, fertilizer?
  • Feel you’re ready to level up your plant parenthood and help your existing plants thrive?
  • Know your plants need something with the changing seasons but don’t know exactly what?
  • Have a blank slate and you want to know how to choose plants and how to care for them in your space?

These are all things I can help you with during a houseplant consultation!

Ready to schedule?

Foss + Fern Plant Consultations take about one hour. Cost is on a sliding scale between $50 and $150. In-person consultations are the most effective, but virtual options are available.

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Want happier plants?
I want that for you, too.

The plant clinic is open!

Don’t need a full hour? Send a question to the plant clinic! It’s free. I’ll answer your quick question and help you get back on track with your plants.

Connect with F+F

There’s a whole lot of plant talk on the Foss+Fern channels. Check it out! You just might find the answer you need.